About us

The Illawarra region is located on the South Coast of NSW where the escarpment meets the sea. Wollongong is the major city.

Illawarra Quilters Inc. is dedicated to fostering the art of quilt making, both traditional and contemporary, offering friendship and advice along the way. Illawarra Quilters Inc. was formed in 1987 with 45 members; over the years our membership has increased to over 160.

Our first Exhibition held in 1988 showcasing members' work and raising funds to support local community institutions. These exhibitions are supported generously by many local and national companies as well as small businesses and volunteers.

Each year Illawarra Quilters Inc. make and donate quilts, beanies, scarves, bead bags and more to the local community through our Community Assistance Program. Donations or sponsorship of materials, especially wadding, is most welcome.

Workshops with local and international tutors are conducted each year, promoting new techniques and breaking new boundaries.

In 2019 the members of Shinobu Patchwork Association in Fukushima Japan made contact with the ladies of Illawarra Quilters Inc. The connection is being fostered through a shared love of fabrics and beautifully crafted items.

Become an Illawarra Quilters member to participate in workshops, an annual retreat, regular sewing days, bus trips and more.

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Illawarra Quilters Inc.

Po Box 161


illawarraquiltersinc@gmail.com (if the link doesn't work for you, copy it into a new message in your email)